Admin Training

For the clever clogs- the purpose, requirements, people, planning, and outcomes of Admin Training.

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This session will give you practical guidance on how to use the platform. Training will focus on the "back-end" of edison365, only available for administrators. During training you will learn how to configure, rebrand and govern your tool.


Select your admins and arrive ready to learn how to become an edison365 pro! Also, think about your use case and current knowledge of the tool.

  • How do you intend to use the platform?
  • Are there any elements you would like to focus on?


Key Stakeholders should attend this session. Alongside Project Managers and Solution owners. Core users should come along too!


  • Each module has its own 2 hour long dedicated session.
  • Installation and access are required.
  • Configuration is needed. 


You will leave this session with knowledge of how to configure and govern the platform. Leaving you with the ability to manage the tool independently and successfully!


Back- end vs Front-end? This session focuses on back-end controls, the next session will focus on front end use 😊