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Audiences in edison365ideas

Restrict access and direct content to specific users with the use of Audiences in edison365ideas

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What can you use audiences for?

Audiences in edison365ideas allow you to:

  • Control who sees sensitive content​
  • Direct content to those who most need to see it​
  • Allow multiple teams to have specific ways of working within the same application.

Key points about audiences

Knowledge Base - challengesOpen to All Until you Create Audiences​

By default, edison365ideas is open to all users until you begin to create audiences. Of course, a user’s ability to do certain tasks is restricted by their User Role, but only Audiences can restrict and hide content from users.​

Don’t Just Create the Audience ​

Creating an audience will just group a number of users, it is then about what you do with this that makes the difference. Remember, you can apply Audiences at two levels:​

  1. Challenge Type: adding an Audience to a Challenge Type will restrict those who can create a Challenge of that Type. What does this mean? If you add Audience ‘Sales Team’ to Challenge Type ‘Supplier Engagement’ then only Challenge Creators that are members of ‘Sales Team’ can create Challenges of the ‘Supplier Engagement' Type… make sense?​
  2. Challenge: applying any Audience to a Challenge when you are creating that Challenge will mean only Idea Creators that are members of that Audience can see that Challenge and submit Ideas against that Challenge.​

Add Audiences any Time

If you haven’t created an Audience and added it to a Challenge prior to launch, then don’t panic. In edison365ideas you can add Audiences to Content after that content has gone live. This functionality is achieved through something we call Tagging.​

How to create an audience

Knowledge Base - create an audienceThis is incredibly simple to do!

  • Go to the Admin Panel > Audience/Security > Manage Audience and the click Create Audience.​
  • You are able to copy Memberships from other Audiences which is a great time-saver.​
  • You can also use SharePoint groups to bulk-add members to Audiences​

Editing audiences

In the same area that you Create and Audience you can also edit them.​

Select the Audience to the left and then see the options appear. You have the ability to make bulk changes such as adding members, deleting members or deleting the whole Audience​.

How does Tagging work?

Knowledge Base - tag The process of adding Audiences to existing content is known as Tagging.​

Select the Tag Content tile in the Audience Home to see all content that can be Tagged. Use the filters to help make the correct select of Content requiring to be Tagged.

Adding an Audience to a Challenge

Knowledge Base - challenge editThe Audience Field will appear within your Challenge Form towards the bottom of the page in both new and existing Challenges you wish to edit.​

From here you can select as few or as many Audiences you wish. ​

This will restrict the access to this Challenge to just those that have membership to the selected Audience​

Adding an Audience to a Challenge Type

Knowledge Base - challenge typeAdmin Panel > Challenge Type Tile, then you can create a new Challenge Type or edit an existing Type.​

Here you will be presented with a list of all of the Audiences you have created. Select as many or as few as you wish to restrict who can create Challenges of this Type.​

edison365 Recommends

  • Don’t over restrict your platform until you know exactly what you do and don’t want specific users to see - we always recommend keeping your innovation process transparent and unrestricted but appreciate the flexibility in security that Audiences bring​
  • Spend time to think about Audiences before you launch a new Challenge Type or way of working. It is always best to launch a Challenge that has Audiences in place rather than backtracking once launched​
  • Always remember the difference between Audiences at the Challenge Type level and at the Challenge level. The first will restrict who can launch Challenges, the second will directly affect the end user.