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What's a browser console and how do I get there?

Often times it's valuable for the support team to be able to view the specific errors happening on your instance of edison365. The browser console shows us a window into what's happening behind what you see on the website.

Here are steps to get there:

1. Open the web page as normal.
2. Press F12 or CTRL-SHIFT-I. If neither of these work then go to the settings in the top right of your browser, select "More tools" and then "Developer tools" as shown below:

3. This will open up the Developer Tools window. We are looking for both the "Console" and "Network" tabs. Navigate to the "Network" tab at the top of the DevTools window. You may need to press the icon to find it:

4. Clear your network tab if there is anything in there using the icon:

5. Now navigate to the "Console" tab. Again, you may need to use the icon to find it:

6. Again clear the window by using the icon:

7. Now that the logs are clear you should run through the issue that you have found. For example, if a page was failing to load you should navigate to that page.


8. When the issue occurs you should see some logs appear in your "Console" tab. Right click in a blank space (indicated by the green circle below) in the logs and select "Save as...":

7. Give your file a meaningful name (something like "{YourCompanyName} - edison365 Error Log.log" would be great!) and select "Save".

8. Next, navigate back to your "Network" tab:

9. You should see many items listed. Select the icon to export the network calls as a .HAR file:

10. Again, give the file a meaningful name and select "Save":

11. Now that you have saved your log and HAR files, please send them to edison365 support for analysis! Thank you for taking the time to help us troubleshoot your issue!