Champion Training

For the end-user, the purpose, requirements, people, planning, and outcomes of Champion Training.

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This session is designed to educate your wider team on how to use the "front end" of the edison365 platform. Our goal is to rapidly upskill a small group of super users who can support adoption efforts across your organization!


Think about these vital considerations and carefully select your group of Champions!

  • How do these Champions need to use the platform?
  • Are there any key functions you wish to focus on?


Assemble an elite team of super-duper users! Invite them alongside other essential end users.


  • Each module has its own 1 hour long, dedicated session.
  • Installation and access are required.
  • Configuration is needed. 


Knowledge on how to be the boss of edison365! The ability to independently utilize the full platform functionality. We will also provide the session recording to diffuse internally 😊


After Champion Training we will move on to Reporting, however your consultant will always be available for training-based questions. ❔