Has edison365 Support asked you to clear your browser cache?

Sometimes your local and session browser cache does not populate properly which interferes with some of the platform's functionality. Here's a quick guide to fix this issue.

How Check Your Browser Local & Session Caches:
If Support asks you to clear your browser cache, you will need to follow the the steps below. You'll be required to ensure the following two cache keys have been successfully repopulated. 
  1. In order to check this, please close all Ideas tabs, and re-launch the Ideas app from the relevant SharePoint site.
  2. Once a new tab of Ideas has been opened, please open DevTools (F12 in Chrome), and direct to the 'Application' DevTools tab. If this isn't visible, select the double-chevron, which will list the remaining tab options, to then select 'Application':
  3. Once on the 'Application' tab, in the left-side menu, select the drop-down for 'Local Storage', and select 'https://ideas.edison365.com/', as seen here:
  4. Now, in the larger panel to the right, the user should see a table with column headers 'Key' and 'Value'. The user must ensure the 'edisonCache.data.edison365AppInstances' is listed and the value is populated, as per the screenshot:In the panel below the Key/Value table, click the small arrow next to "value" and then click the small arrow next to "0" to unfurl the data. You should see references to your tenants SharePoint site.
    These values will be different for each user's instance, but should give an indication as to whether the aforementioned cache key is populated.
  5. Next, select the drop-down for the 'Session Storage' cache in the left-side menu and select the same storage table URL as the 'Local Storage':
  6. The cache key that is required to be populated is the 'edisonStaticCache.data.context' key:
As long as these cache keys have been automatically populated when opening a fresh Ideas tab, shortlinks will be generated as expected.

Clearing Your Cache & Cookies

If you find the cache keys have not been automatically populated, clear both Local and Session storage tables by clicking the Clear icon (a circle with the line through it):
1. Select 'Local' from the Storage section:2. Select 'Session' from the Storage section:
3. Maneuver to the 'Cookies' tab, and select the Clear All Cookies icon (three horizontal lines, with the same Clear Icon as above, over the bottom right corner):
4. Go back to your SharePoint landing page, and re-launch the app once more, and recheck your cache to see if it has properly populated.
5. Retry the functionality to see if you are still having any errors!

If you are still having issues with errors or wish to schedule a quick meeting to go over this article, please contact Support!