Discovery Workshop

Welcome to Discovery! The purpose, requirements, people, planning, and outcomes of the Discovery Workshop.

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This session is a deep dive into your core requirements. It will focus on how you wish to use the platform! We will capture your aims, working process and branding. 


Ahead of the session, you must decide on the following:

  • Your key objectives and success criteria.
  • Your desired business processes.
  • Key information you need to capture and track.
  • Your desired branding.
  • Lists of desired users.

You must provide all information required! We will use this information to configure the app. Although, we cannot start the config until installation is complete and access granted.


It's essential for project managers to be present. Alongside solution owners and core users.


  • Each module has its own 2 hour long, dedicated session.
  • No installation or access required.
  • No configuration needed. 


We will gain actionable instructions from your team. Allowing us to begin configuration! You will receive presentation material and the session recording.


To progress past Discovery, we will need access to your fully installed app! Do you need to prompt your IT team to complete this?