edison365 Technical Product Description

Overview of the edison365 application

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Architecture Overview
  3. Pre-requisite Requirements


edison365 is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applicated hosted in Azure. The application is built in house and maintained by the edison365 team.

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Architecture Overview

The application is hosted in the Microsoft Azure platform using Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) components. The service is globally distributed to ensure regional performance and high availability. The application is built around Azure AD as the authentication provider, users authenticate into the edison365 application using their Azure AD accounts that are maintained by their organization. As the authentication is managed by the customer's Azure AD, any conditional access policies such as MFA will be honoured. 

The application will make use of Microsoft 365 services such as user profile details, working times and Microsoft Teams presence, this is provided via the Microsoft Graph API. 

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Pre-requisite Requirements

As a true SaaS application, there are no requirements for customers to host or install any part of the service. The only requirement for the customer is to consent to the edison365 Azure AD application so that the application has the required access to the Microsoft 365 Graph API services for your Microsoft 365 tenant. The API permissions edison365 requires for full functionality are listed below, these are the Delegated permission Type:

  • Admin consent required:
    • Read all groups
    • Read all user's full profiles
  • Admin consent not required:
    • View users' email address
    • Read user mailbox settings
    • Read users' relevant people list
    • Read presence information of all users in your organization
    • View users' basic profile
    • Sign in and read user profile

As new features are added to the application, this list of permissions may change in future releases. 

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