edison365 Applications Static IPs

This article lists the current static IPs for the edison365 Suite and details different situations in which you would need them.

These are only required to be whitelisted if you do not enable the 'Allow Access to Azure Services' within the SQL server settings


Please note that this is a constantly evolving list of IPs and so adjustments throughout the subscription can occur, the list below will update and you will be notified via support@edison365.com if action is required by yourselves.

1. edison365ideas Pre-prod IPs

2. edison365ideas Prod IPs

3. edison365 Open Innovation Pre-prod IPs

4. edison365 Open Innovation Prod IPs

5. edison365 Pre-prod IPs

6. edison365 Prod IPs

7. edison365 DataStore IPs 

edison365ideas Pre-prod IPs 

   edison365ideas Prod IPs 

   edison365 Open Innovation Pre-prod IPs 

   edison365 Open Innovation Prod IPs 

   edison365 (Businesscase and Projects) Pre-prod IPs 

   edison365 (Businesscase and Projects) Prod IPs

   edison365 DataStore IPs