Email Notifications

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction πŸ§ͺor at least this is the hope in the world of project delivery...

We have a number of different notification πŸ“’ types in edison365- here we have listed all of the notifications users of the software will receive and what actions will prompt them.

  • Created πŸŽ‰ When a project is created an email is sent to the Process Managers assigned to that Template.

  • Delete πŸ˜’ When a project gets deleted an email is sent to the Owners and Process Managers for that project. (This email is not sent to the user that triggered the update in the first place.)

  • Submit  πŸ“§ When a project is not set with automatic stage approvals, the assigned Process Manager(s) will receive an email instructing them to move/approve the project to move it to the next stage. 

  • Stage Change Approval / Rejection β“ Following on from the Submit notification, once the Process Manager has either approved or rejected the project then the Owner(s) will receive an email notifying them of the decision. 

  • Stage Change to a Non-Review Stage πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ When the project moved from one stage to another then an email is sent to the Owner(s) and Process Manager(s) but not the user that triggered / completed the stage change.

  • Stage Change to a Review Stage πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚️ When a project enters a review stage then an email is sent to all assigned Reviewers.

  • Manage Access Updates πŸ”‘ If a user is added to a role (Process Managers, Owners, Readers, Reviewers, Editors etc.) on the Manage Access panel within the project, then they are sent an email notifying them of their new role and responsibilities.

  • Assigned to a Task on the Task Table πŸ₯‡ When a resource is assigned to a task within a task table then they will receive an email to notify them that there is work to do. Caveat to this is that the assigned resource must have an email address- as you know, resources don't have to be a human πŸ‘½ . 

  • Assigned to a Table Item on Standard and Periodic Tables πŸ“ˆ If there is an Owner(s) column is used on a Standard or Periodic table and is subsequently populated then the assigned Owner(s) will be sent an email with the table item details.

  • Table Item Updated from the Record Page (Task, Standard, Periodic) πŸ“Š When the tasks or items are updated on the record page an email will be sent to the Assigned Resource(s) or Owner(s).

  • Table items submitted from the Personal page (Task, Standard, Periodic) πŸ“… When the task or item updates are submitted from the Personal Page by the Team Members then an email is sent to the Owner(s) of the project that there are updates awaiting their review and/or approval.

The above will go a long way to get reactions from your Users and keep your projects moving in the right direction.

Enjoy 😁