Field/Table Descriptions

Using field/table descriptions to make life easier for users.

Admin Configuration:

Field descriptions are an optional element to fields and tables. You can find them when creating a field or table on the configuration screen seen in the screenshot below.

Admin - Field Description

Admini - Table Description

Above are the configuration screens for Fields and Tables with the Description input outlined in red.

User Interaction:

When you enter a description, this will be visible on the end-user side through  tooltips next to field and table headers. Examples seen below.

User - Field Description

User - Short Table Description

Above are screenshots of where you will find the field and table descriptions when in a Card.

Additional Information:

An example of a field description in use is for the Field "Executive Summary" with the tooltip reading "The executive summary provides a high-level overview, capturing the essential points and recommendations."

It is a fixed font size of 10px with font style Open Sans.

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