Gamification. An extra layer of fun and enjoyment your employees get when using edison365ideas.

You see, people like to be rewarded. No matter how big or small, a reward creates a flash of dopamine in our brains, making us feel happier and fulfilled. In edison365, we reward users for a good reason – their brilliant ideas. There’re many ways to do that: there’re points, medals, levels, star ratings, votes, points, and a good old leaderboard.

β€œWow, wow, that is a lot of info”, - I hear you say. Don’t worry, we have some tips on where to start.


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Gamification features you need to know about:


  • Votes are your digital currency that allows users to put more skin in the game and place their bets against the best ideas.  

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You might want to consider configuring stages, so you can automate what happens to votes as your Ideas and Challenges mature


  • Identify the behavior that is meaningful to your company and reward it. Is it a number of times someone logged in? Is it a number of ideas submitted? Is it a number of comments left? You will be using Points for it. Points are given to users for a positive interaction with the platform. And you know what the best part is? Points can be turned into Awards that can be claimed once a certain number is collected.


We recommend turning points on by default! They help to track usage and provide insights in your Power BI reports


  •  Levels show you where you’re against your peers 



  • Well, who needs a Medal explanation? They’re our favourite! When a user completes an action a certain amount of times, they will receive a Medal. 



  •  Awards are something you set up for a user to turn their Points into. Be creative here! One of our customers offered to ride in the cab of a train as an award. Now, can you beat that? 


A great way to recognize and reward users who consistently interacting with ideas and challenges!



  • Don’t shy away from Leaderboards – a good healthy competition between teams and individuals will make it real. No one wants to lose their dose of dopamine, right?



So... ready to get started??

Admins can manage gamification settings. You can switch on and off any of these if you see something working or not working. So go ahead, experiment, and let us know that killer award you came up with. Good luck!

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