Getting to know edison365businesscase & projects

Getting started can sometimes be the hardest part, right?! Here we have pieced together some key information that will help you get to grips with the basics of edison365businesscase and projects.

This article has the simple aim of enabling you to learn how to navigate the business case and projects platform and access each area. ​

​We will break this into three main areas, along with a bonus fourth (for all you reporters and admins out there). These are:

  1. Info that the platform wants to highlight... Home Page and Discover Page
  2. Info that is super secret to you... Personal Page
  3. Info where all the fun stuff lives... Leaderboard Page
  4. Info that enables Reporters and Admins to do what they need to do... Reporting and Admin Page

Knowing your way Around the Home Page and Discover Page


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The reason why we group edison365businesscase and projects together is that they exist within the same app. At the click of a button (and payment of a small fee) - both can be enabled. It makes loads of sense, then, to speak about them together.

Hopefully, it isn't too confusing 😆

The Home Page and Discover Page are your two windows into everything that exists within your application.

Use the Home page to get to know things such as:

  • The latest news and campaigns
  • How many business cases and projects have been created - click on any of these to see a filtered view of the Discover page...
  • View the top 12 business cases based on your filter - filter by type, stage, and status
  • View the top 12 projects based on your filter - filter by type, category, and status

Flicking between business cases and projects is just a click of a tab away. There are subtle differences in what you see on the Home Page when this tab is switched...

  • Business cases are all about decision-making - click the tab to show business cases and your cases will be ordered depending on what stage they are at in the decision-making process... under review, open, approved etc.
  • Projects are all about getting stuff done - click the tab to see your projects and these will be ordered by their progress... not started, in progress, complete etc.

Core App Home Page

The Home Page surfaces the top information that is relevant to you. This is different from the Discover Page, which gives you the power to take a deep dive into everything that is in the application.

The Discover Page may be a little overwhelming so use the filters which allow you to:

  • Flick between business cases and projects
  • Refine your search - use the navigation tree to the left of the page (this is slightly different for business cases and projects)
  • Change your view from Card View to the cleaner Table View in business case and all of these plus a Gannt view to the mix of options when dealing with projects
  • Rejig the page based on name, stage, percentage complete, and type 

Core App Discover Page

The Home Page and Discover Page are yours to explore and get to know. Any changes you make to the filters or orders you apply will only affect the view for you, which means the whole experience will become more and more relevant to what you want to see.

Whichever filters you apply will stay selected every time you log into the application on the same device- meaning you have a fully personalized version of edison365ideas that is customized to your filter preferences.

Knowing your way around the Personal Page


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If the Home Page and Discover Page show you every business case and project within the platform, then the Personal Page does the exact opposite - it shows you just what is important to you.

Navigate to the personal page to:

  • Update yourself on your performance - see your business cases and projects along with their progress and stage
  • View your business cases - the look and feel are very similar to the Home and Discover pages. Filter to see exactly what you want to see
  • View your projects - the look and feel are very similar to the Home and Discover pages. Filter to see exactly what you want to see
  • Take action with business cases - edit your business case, manage those you are process manager of, action the reviews you have been set
  • Update your projects and get stuff done - edit your projects, manage those requiring your attention and use the My Work tab to action those line items and tasks for your attention

Core App Personal Page

When we have tasks to complete and business cases to review - we simply navigate straight to the Personal Page and ignore the detail on the other pages... we suggest you do the same.

And Finally...

Let's not forget those that need to see Reports and carry out Admin tasks.

First, Reports will drop down when you click on the Reports Tab. Select the Report you want and this will take you out of the app and into PowerBI.

Remember to configure this in the Admin panel first. Also, remember that reports can also be embedded into individual business cases and projects

Next, the Admin panel

This will only be important to the Administrators and we have loads of other guidance on best practice and configuring the application. One thing we will leave you with to help navigate the Admin panel is this little reminder: 

  1. First configure Fields
  2. Next is Tables
  3. Next Buttons
  4. Then Forms
  5. Then Types

Making any changes? Then follow this process again to incorporate those changes into any Types you have created.

Hopefully, this jogs some memories 😀

Core App Reports

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