Getting to know edison365ideas

Getting started can sometimes be the hardest part, right?! Here we have pieced together some key information that will help you get to grips with the basics of edison365ideas.

This article has the simple aim of enabling you to learn how to navigate the ideas platform and access each area. ​

​We will break this into three main areas along with a bonus fourth (for all you admins out there). The areas are:

  1. Info that the platform wants to highlight... Home Page and Discover Page
  2. Info that is super secret to you... Personal Page
  3. Info where all the fun stuff lives... Leaderboard Page
  4. Info that enables Admins to do what they need to do... Admin Page

Knowing your way Around the Home Page and Discover Page


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The Home Page and Discover Page are your two windows into everything that exists within your edison365ideas application.

Use the Home page to get to know things such as:

  • The latest news and campaigns
  • How many ideas and challenges have been created and which are the most successful
  • Which of your colleagues are performing the best and who has the best idea (based on votes... all subjective, of course)
  • What are the top challenges and ideas that you simply have to get involved with


The Home Page surfaces the top information that is relevant to you. This is different from the Discover Page, which gives you the power to take a deep dive into everything that is in the application.

The Discover Page may be a little overwhelming so use the filters which allow you to:

  • Flick between Challenges and Ideas
  • Refine your search - use the navigation tree to the left of the page
  • Change your view from Card View to the cleaner Table View
  • Just see the ideas and challenges you are yet to view
  • Reorder the page based on parameters such as most views, most ideas, oldest idea, the challenge with the least time left, ideas with the highest score, and much much more


The Home Page and Discover Page are yours to explore and get to know. Any changes you make to the filters or orders you apply will only affect the view for you, which means the whole experience will become more and more relevant to what you want to see.

Whichever filters you apply will stay selected every time you log into the application on the same device - meaning you have a fully personalized version of edison365ideas that is customized to your filter preferences.

Knowing your way around the Personal Page


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If the Home Page and Discover Page show you every idea and challenge within the platform, then the Personal Page does the exact opposite - it shows you just what is important to you.

Navigate to the personal page to:

  • Update yourself on your performance - see your Points, Medals, and Levels, as well as the stats that quickly tell you how well your ideas and challenges are performing.
  • View your ideas - you can use the same filters as the Home and Personal Pages
  • View your challenges - the filters are the same here too... just this time these are all the challenges you are the owner of.
  • Respond to the challenges you have been asked to review - click into the challenge, triage, and have a key input into your innovation efforts
  • Manage your notifications - notifications are a personal thing, so managing them using the Personal Page is the best way to do this. All on, All off, or (our recommendation) a blended approach to get just those that mean something to you
  • Know the audiences you are part of - Audiences are the groups that restrict access to certain challenges and idea content. You can find out which Audiences you are part of from your Personal Page
  • Manage your votes and awards - votes and awards are yours to control, so do this all within the specific tabs in the Personal Page


The Personal Page is personal to you. Our advice? Go straight here to get a quick update on your performance and to complete the tasks assigned to you


Knowing your way around the Leaderboard


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The Leaderboard is where the competition really hots up. It is the area within edison365ideas where you can really see how you stack up against your peers. Here you can see:

  • Your performance this month
  • Your all-time performance
  • If your idea is the best, based on votes submitted by your peers

To know the Leaderboard, you need to understand Gamification. The Key features of Gamification that affect your personal performance on the Leaderboard are Points. Points are given for interactions in the application. Want to get more points and move up the Leaderboard? Then get more involved.

The Voting Leaderboard shows the most voted-on ideas. Votes are digital currency that users spend on their favorite ideas. Want your idea to do better? Then encourage your peers to Vote for it.


Use the Leaderboard to understand how you compare to your peers. Not doing as well as you would like? The answer is to be more engaged and involved in the application.

And Finally...

We couldn't leave without remembering you Reporting Nerds and Admin Heroes. We have a lot of guidance on these two areas already but what we would suggest is:

  1. Remember Reports are integrated into the app via the Admin Panel and also at the Challenge Type level - don't be shy about using both of these areas to leverage the power of your reports.
  2. Break the Admin panel into manageable chunks- we break it into Primary (Triage, Types, Fields, Stages, Forms) and Secondary (everything else...) This helps us to highlight which areas are vital to set up your innovation processes. At the end of the day, collecting information whether it be ideas, initiatives, or demand is the reason for setting up edison365ideas in the first place... so get this done first.