Launch planning

Here's the score for your Deployment session: purpose, requirements, people, planning, and outcomes.

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During this session, we'll have a conversation about how you're going to launch a new or improved way of working. Our recommendations will aim to increase engagement and stimulate adoption, to ensure you get your teams on board quickly and smoothly!


You need to understand your change management process! Do you have internal systems for the following:

  • Communications planning
  • Learning & Support planning
  • Reward & Recognition planning
  • Benefits management
  • Stakeholder mapping?

If yes... congratulations! Let us build on your existing processes.

If no... that's not a  problem! We can share our best practices and advice.


All key stakeholders should be present. Alongside project managers and solution owners. Core users should also attend!


This session will last one hour, and neither installation, access nor configuration is required.


You will come away with practical and tactical guidance to support launch and adoption planning. Also, some key recommendations to drive adoption and engagement. 


Your consultant will be in touch to book this session, keep your eyes peeled!