Minimum and Maximum Values

How to configure and best use Min and Max values

Configuring minimum and maximum values may seem unnecessary so why do we have them and how can you utilise them.

Text Based Minimum and Maximum Values:

Text fields allow the user to write detailed input within allocated spaces. The maximum value here is referring to a character value. Therefore a maximum length of 100 will mean 100 characters not words.

Where this range is useful is in areas where you would like to keep the text effective and efficient. Areas such as Task Descriptions, Project Names, Notes and Status Updates will benefit from a character limit.

Numerical Minimum and Maximum Values:

Numerical values may often need a value range, an example of this is for the system field 'Impact' which is a score out of 10. The minimum value would be 0 and the maximum 10.

Configure Maximum and Minimum Values:

Configuring your maximum and minimum values is easy, simply on the field configuration screen, input your minimum value and your maximum value. e.g. Minimum Value 0 and Maximum Value 100.

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