The big reveal! The purpose, requirements, people, planning, and outcomes of Playback.

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We will use this session to present the initial config of your app. It will be a live walk through of your own edison365 instance. Giving you the chance to highlight any changes or additions!


Keep in mind the important aspects of reviewing the platform!

  • What would you add or remove?
  • Which features would you change?

You need knowledge of your desired process and branding. As well as knowledge of platform users.


It is essential for project managers to be present. Alongside solution owners and core users.


  • Each module has its own 1 hour long, dedicated session.
  • Installation and access are required.
  • No configuration needed. 


 We will leave the session with clear feedback on desired revisions from you. You can walk away with a list of changes to the edison365 platform!


Watch this space... the next time we meet, your platform will be updated with all the desired changes!