Customising edison365ideas Email Notification Through PowerAutomate

Using the SharePoint <-> Power Automate connector you can supplement built-in email notifications.

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In order to take advantage of this functionality there are some requirements

  • PowerAutomate license
  • Admin access to the SharePoint on which the edison365ideas app is installed


  1. Choose the list you want as a trigger point
  2. Choose "Integrate" > "Power Automate" > "Create a flow"
  3. Authorize permissions for the flow > Create Flow
  4. Edit the flow's email action to your specifications

Observe this example where I use the "Campaigns" list as a trigger point for the flow. Now whenever a new campaign is added through the edison365ideas Admin menu, it triggers the PowerAutomate email notification flow.


Here's an example of a modified email body:

Notice you can customize with standard HTML tags like these (and more!), CC or BCC other users, change priority, and add attachments to the email.


Here's what the customization looks like in PowerAutomate:

A peek at the code reveals (bolded tags for emphasis):

 "To": "@{body('Get_my_profile_(V2)')?['mail']};",

            "Subject": "There's a New Campaign in the Support Ideas Instance!",

            "Body": "Hi @{body('Get_my_profile_(V2)')?['givenName']}, 
A new item was added at @{coalesce(triggerBody()?['Created'],'')} by @{coalesce(triggerBody()?['Author']?['DisplayName'],'someone')}. 
Details: @{coalesce(triggerBody()?['{Name}'],'A SharePoint item')}
<br> <br> <strong> You can add custom content in the body of your PowerAutomate automatic email! </strong>
<font color = blue> -edison365 Support </font>",

Here's me adding a new Campaign in order to trigger the flow:

Here's what the resulting email looks like:

Observe how the <br>, <strong>, and <font color> tags translate to the email