Process Mapping Workshop

An extra step to Discovery! The purpose, requirements, people, planning, and outcomes of the Process Mapping Workshop.

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We want to understand your mission, vision and values; our aim for the session is to learn as much as we can about you! It will be your job to prepare and share all you know about your current and desired processes.


Think about these vital considerations:

  • What is your top tier process and its subsequent tiers?
  • What are the key steps in this process?
  • Are there key dependencies or reliance on other teams?


Basically, everyone except the IT team! All Key Stakeholders should be present, as well as Project Managers and Core Users. 


  • Each module has its own 1 hour long, dedicated session.
  • No installation or access required.
  • No configuration needed. 


You should leave this session with a clear vision of your desired process and clarity on how this vision will come alive within edison365! We will provide you with a template document and presentation material.


Pssst... If you have any existing templates relating to your process, now would be a good time to bring them up!