Reporting Workshop

Lights, camera action! A first view of your personalized Power BI report- the purpose, requirements, people, planning, and outcomes of the Reporting Discovery Workshop.

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This session includes a review of your report and an introduction to Microsoft Power BI. You will learn how to navigate and make changes to your report. Before concluding our time together by handing over your report 📊


Think about how you need to use the tool. Are there any pieces of functionality you want us to focus on?

You also need to establish permissions and a process for publishing future reports. Think about internal distribution methods and refresh frequency!


Key Stakeholders should be present. Alongside Project Managers and Solution Owners. IT or Technical team members should come along too.


  • Each module has its own 1 hour long, dedicated session.
  • Installation and access are required.
  • Configuration is needed. 


 Your complete Microsoft Power BI file will be shared with you. As well as knowledge of the Power BI user interface.


We will miss you! This will be your last session with you consultant 😢 To find out how we can extend our friendship, check out our Customer Success services here.