Reward & Recognition Planning

The last part of Readiness! The purpose, requirements, people, planning and outcomes of Reward & Recognition Planning.

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Our mission is to understand what motivates your people. Therefore, for this session, we will explore behavioral theory relating to reward and recognition.

We want to help you nurture the behaviors and attitudes needed for successful long-term adoption! 


Please take some time to think about these vital considerations:

  • Does your current strategy include recognition or reward?
  • Does reward or recognition contribute to your company culture?
  • What type of behaviors are you trying to encourage?

If you have a reward & recognition strategy, great! Describe it to us and let's build on it together. If you don't have a current reward & recognition system, don't worry! We will help you build one.


Please assemble the full gang! All Key Stakeholders should be present, as well as Project Managers, Core Users, and platform Owners. 


This session will last one hour and neither installation, access nor configuration is required.


You can take away practical and tactical guidance to support your reward and recognition planning! We will also provide our presentation material and template.


Pssssst... you can download the template here too 👍