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Standing Out: Branding tips for edison365ideas

On-point branding in edison365ideas improves usability and strengthens credibility; allowing users to navigate with confidence and ease.​

  • Create a sleek and professional environment that reflects the very best of your brand.​
  • Incorporate your color schemes, logos and imagery into the configurable branding features of edison365.​
  • Take control of the look and feel of your platform! 
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Design FeaturesSettings

You can make amendments to the design of your platform using the Look and Feel settings in the Admin area. Here's a quick guide to the ways you can customize your platform:

Design Modes

Choose between the traditional and angular view of design mode 1, or the rounded and modern feel of design mode 2.​ (Find out more about the differences here!)


Submit your primary, secondary and tertiary colors.​

  • To customize your primary, secondary and tertiary colors, head to the Theme tab in Look and Feel.
  • Keep the hex codes handy, as these can be pasted in.
  • Your color scheme will be visible throughout the application, but there are some non-customizable areas! The color and font of all text is fixed.

Logo and banner

Personalize the header with your own logo and background image.​ (Your logo and banner can be uploaded via a SharePoint link.)

When choosing a banner, bear in mind that any tagline added will appear in white.

To maximize your logo, the image should be 640px by 340px.

A perfect banner size is 1404px by 360px. If the banner does not fit these dimensions, block colors or repeatable patterns are easy and effective!


Make your platform instantly recognizable with a bold tagline.​

Custom CSS

Cheat the system by applying your own Custom CSS and transforming additional aspects!


What's the Difference Between Design Modes 1 and 2?

Design Mode 1Design mode 1 v2

The main visual feature of design mode 1 is straight lines and angular corners. This is the sharper and more traditional option.

At a glance, it shows more information on categories of ideas and challenges, as well as details on challenge and idea owners.

Test both modes through the admin panel, within the Theme tab of Look and Feel.

Design Mode 2Design mode 2 v2

The new and modern sister of mode 1, mode 2 is a simple design with rounded edges and clean icons.

It provides a more focused view, with the option to expand the panel within ideas and challenges.


edison365 Recommends

  • Brains and beauty: in addition to aesthetics, choose your design mode based on the visible information you require. ​
    • Design mode 1 offers more insights at first glance.​
    • Design mode 2 has a more modern look, in-depth information is shown in collapsible tabs.​
  • Select colors that contrast with text.​
    • The color of all fonts is fixed. Avoid similar colors to keep text legible.​
    • For example, in Design Mode 2, a light primary color is preferred.​
    • In Design Mode 2, the tertiary color is more prevalent than the secondary. Consider switching the two.​
  • Upload your logo and banner in line with the specified dimensions.​
    • A smaller banner size will lead to a repeated image, a suitable option for continuous patterns.​
    • Adversely to imagery, upload a block color for an on-brand banner.​
    • The tagline color is white, allow it to stand out against your banner! ​
  • Attract attention with an impactful tagline. Use the bold feature to highlight part of your mantra.
  • Unlock maximum branding potential by adding a Custom CSS!