Statement of Works: Standard Implementation

Detailed information on what's included with your Standard Implementation Services

  1. Background
  2. In Scope
    1. Installation
    2. Readiness
    3. Discovery
    4. Configuration
    5. Training
    6. Reporting
  3. Out of Scope

1. Background

The Client have selected edison365 as the technology solution to meet core business requirements.

This Statement of Work provides the effort and pricing to undertake the implementation.

Where the Client procures more than one module of the edison365 suite, elements of work are repeated to cover the distinct implementation of each module.

These elements are:

  • Installation
  • Discovery
  • Configuration
  • Training
  • Reporting

2. In Scope

2.1 edison365 installation

2.1.1 Pre-requisites Call

edison365 will meet with the Client IT team to establish that all necessary technical pre-requisites are in place within the organization, so that edison365 may begin the actual technical installation of edison365.

2.1.2 Technical Installation Call

edison365 will meet with the Client IT team and work directly with technical experts to complete installation.

2.2 Readiness

2.2.1 Kickoff Session

edison365 will address the high-level delivery plan, cover key requirements, and begin gathering the necessary information to begin implementation.

2.2.2 Launch Planning Workshop

The launch planning session will deliver recommendations for consideration that aim to increase engagement, stimulate adoption, and ensure the Client gets teams on board quickly and smoothly.

2.3 Discovery

2.3.1 Discovery Session

edison365 will explore the Client requirements prior to configuration of the solution. The edison365 team will work with the Client core team across to define key requirements, core functionality and implementation strategy. edison365 consultants will document the discovery findings and action them accordingly through the configuration phase.

2.4 Configuration

2.4.1 Initial Base Configuration

After the Discovery session, the edison365 team will take the feedback away and begin configuration. edison365 will be making changes exclusively to the edison365 platform to address Client requirements.

2.4.2 Configuration Cycles

edison365 will reconvene with the Client to present the configuration work for feedback and comment. Prior to completion, the configuration will be presented to the Client team for evaluation and any changes agreed will be implemented. edison365 will deliver up to two iterations of revision, including the initial configuration. edison365 will configure a maximum of one type per application:

  • edison365ideas: one challenge type
  • edison365business case: one business case type
  • edison365projects: one project type

2.5 Training

2.5.1 Admin Training Session

The admin training session is designed to give practical guidance on how to use the edison365 platform. edison365 will train the Client on the “back-end” of the platform, available only to the administrators. The Client team will learn how to change the configuration, rebrand the tool, and govern idea submissions from users.

2.6 Reporting

2.6.1 Reporting Discovery Session

edison365 will deliver a reporting discovery workshop, where the reporting requirements of the Client will be explored. The edison365 team will translate these requirements into actionable outputs, leading onto report development work.

The session will either focus on existing templates / wireframes that the Client are looking to replicate, or if not known, on existing edison365 best practise templates.

2.6.2 Reporting Development

edison365 will take the reporting insight provided by the Client and configure reports to reflect and deliver the information specified in the discovery session. The reporting development shall be executed using the most recent version of Microsoft Power BI. A single .pbix file shall be delivered to the Client following the development work. This activity is timeboxed to 24 hours.

2.6.3 Reporting Workshop

edison365 will deliver a reporting workshop to review the report prior to handover, as well as a quick introduction to Microsoft Power BI.

3 Out of Scope

The items listed below are specifically excluded from the scope of this engagement. Should the Client wish to include these into the defined scope later, this will be managed through formal Change Requests and may require additional budget.

  • Portfolio Analysis (Drivers, selection & prioritisation)
  • Resource engagements
  • Integration to other systems
  • SharePoint Online workflows
  • Timesheet / individual progress collection
  • Custom development of the toolset
  • Additional instances or installations
  • Changes to SharePoint Online (outside of agreed deliverables)
  • Data migration
  • Any customization / development
  • Customer specific documentation
  • Microsoft Project training
  • Project Planning & Project Management upskilling
  • Project Lifecycle Workflow including Phases, Stages and Actions
  • On going Support
  • End user training
  • Reporting developing using any tool other than Microsoft Power BI
  • Connection to external (non-edison365) data sources for report development
  • Publication / distribution of reports

Changes to Scope

Any changes to scope, deliverables or budget will be subject to a standard change request process and will be documented in a change log, estimated, impact assessed and agreed by both parties prior to commencement.