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Triaging Ideas

Collaborate and make fairer, faster decisions by using Idea Triage in edison365ideas.​

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This feature of edison365ideas enables you to:

  • Democratize decision-making ​
  • Create a standard way of reviewing ideas across your entire process​
  • Provide a fun and interactive method of making key decisions against your ideas​
  • Justify decisions in a consistent way to ensure the best ideas always win

Top Features

triage settings

Metrics and Boundaries ​

Triage is all about outlining how you want the ideas in your process to be reviewed and scored. This is done by first setting your Triage Metrics.

Triage Metrics are the Categories you want your reviewers to be scoring against. The individual scores you set within your Metrics are your Boundaries. You can take a simplistic or a more complex approach to this. Some customers have simple ‘Yes/No’ Boundaries, whilst others have a scale from 0 to 100. The system is flexible - it’s up to you to decide how much detail you want from your reviewers. ​

Weight your scoring​

Regardless of your metric scale, you can still have an impact on the importance of the scoring through the weighting functionality. This is a really cool feature that enables certain Metrics to hold more power (or weight) over others. ​

Set Expectations Through Hints​

Hints act as more than just a description of each of your configured Metrics. They are your way of telling the reviewers exactly what you expect from them and what each Boundary within your Metric means. Hints are the perfect way to ensure reviewing governance is adhered to!​

Triage metricsAssign your Experts​

Now your Metrics are set and you know the weightings, now it is over to your reviewers to carry out the Triage process. To do this, Admins or Challenge Owners can go to the Idea Board, create a list of reviewers, and drag and drop them against the relevant ideas. The reviewers will get notified and then carry out the Triage from their Personal Page. It’s that simple!​

You don’t just have to have one way of doing things…​

edison365ideas allows you to configure a different Triage Type for each Challenge Type you have configured. This means that you can have different ways of reviewing ideas depending on which Challenge they have been assigned to. So, your teams can have more say in how their ideas are managed and reviewed.​

triage homeedison365 Recommends...

  • If the act of reviewing or triaging is new to you then start simple and grow into the functionality.​
  • Make it clear what is expected from the reviewers. Use the Hint functionality but also use clear Metric titles that are obvious for all those required to triage.​
  • Keep Triage to a single stage of your process. Reviewers can be dragged on to an idea at any stage of the ideation process, but it is best to have a defined stage where all ideas must be triaged.​
  • Keep a good pace with your Triage process by having shorter deadlines for reviews. Challenge Owners and Admins also need to ensure that ideas move through the stages once Triage has happened.

A regular cadence of review, feedback, and movement is absolutely key for an efficient and successful Triage process.