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Using Standard Tables for your to-do lists

Newsflash: it's not only Task Tables that can be used for getting stuff done! Standard Tables can also be configured to achieve this functionality.

This cool (at least we like to think so) piece of functionality allows you to bring in the benefits of accountability into your Standard Tables. What this allows you to do is configure the usual Standard Table (we usually see these as Risk, Change and Benefit Tables) and make sure items within these get done.

How does it work?

Which fields do I need?

For this to work, you need to think about what you need to hold people to account to complete Tasks. For example:

  1. An item name
  2. A sense of ownership
  3. A way of ordering or categorizing things

The same goes for the Fields you need:

  1. You need a text field for the title of your item: we tend to see Name, Item or Action used here
  2. You need an Owner field: this will be the system-field 'Owner'
  3. You need a Choice field: this is what creates the buckets to put your 'stuff' in. Think of this in terms of a risk table. Your Choices would be open, closed and new, for example

Finally, and importantly, you need to configure in the System Field 'Appear on Personal Page'. What this does is take all of the above items and enables additional functionality that holds the owner to account.

Configuring the table

We all know the steps to take here (or at least I hope so! If you need a refresher, check out our Table Basics article). Configuring the Fields you need creates the shopping list that then enables you to build out the table:

  1. Go to Admin Panel
  2. Go to Tables
  3. Give it a snappy name
  4. Select 'Standard' as the Table Type

standard table 1

You're now good to start adding the fields. Those stated above are the minimum you need but, of course, you can add as many fields as you like.

You will see that once the table has been configured, you will be presented with a number of options towards the bottom of the page. The key option is the 'Enable Board View'. Tick this and run through the following steps:

  1. Board Column Field: this is what sets the 'buckets'
  2. Column Order: this enables you to tweak the order from left to right 
  3. Work Item Title Field: this will be the title of the card you move from 'bucket to bucket'. We suggest you use the Title of the item.
  4. Optional Display Fields: you also have the option to display more information on the card, if you wish.

What is the result?

The result of these steps is a Standard Table that allows you to assign accountable Owners and complete Tasks in a Board View as you would in a Task Table.

Key areas effected? The Project Form

standard table 2

standard table 3

standard table 4

and the My Work Tabs:

standard table 5

Have a play and see how this can benefit the way that you close out items without the need to build a full schedule table.