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Configuration Options


This is a list of global currencies. All currencies are listed in the following format:

  • GBP (Pound Sterling - £)

Decimal Places

This will change how many decimal places your number will be displayed to. We've included some examples below:

0 = £999

1 = £999.9

2 = £999.99

3 = £999.999

4 = £999.9999

5 = £999.99999

6 = £999.999999

Minimum and Maximum Values

These are used when you want your users to input a currency between a certain numerical range.

If you want the field to allow inputs between £1 and £100 only, you would set the Minimum value = 1 and the Maximum value = 100.

We recommend letting users know the minimum and maximum range values in the field description. This saves the hassle of entering an invalid number!



Do not use this field type if you want to display data in the following formats:

1,234,567.89  - use a Number field instead

50 % - use a Percentage field instead

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