edison365 Open Innovation Technical Description

Overview, Product Features, Architecture diagram, and Pre-requisites list

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Product Features

3. Architecture

4. Prerequisite Requirements


edison365ideas Open Innovation is a SaaS solution hosted in Microsoft’s Azure platform using Azure PaaS. The application is built in house and maintained by the edison365 team.

The modern and engaging user interface provides a pleasant experience for the innovation application. Challenges and ideas are displayed using a card interface with key information visible to the users on the card and the challenge / idea pages. The application provides features such as ratings and discussions. End users sign into the application using one of the supported social authentication providers.

The interface is responsive and touch enabled for all devices.


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Product Features

  • Intuitive and engaging UI
  • SaaS based product hosted in Azure
  • Configured via an intuitive UI
  • Authentication via supported social authentication providers
  • Threaded comments
  • Star ratings
  • Idea images and attachments

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Architecture Overview

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Pre-requisite Requirements

  • edison365ideas application installed and configured
    • Open innovation is configured via the internal edison365ideas application
  • Azure SQL Database
    • The form data in the Open Innovation portal is stored in the Azure SQL database
    • It is recommended to start with an S1 tier on the DTU purchase model or equivalent and monitor the usage / performance and scale up to a higher standard tier if required. Consider enabling features such as:
      • We recommend restricting the IPs and whitelisting the application IPs, please find these here.
        • Alternatively it is possible to enabling the 'Allow Access to Azure Services' option within the Azure SQL firewall.

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