edison365 Suite - Prerequisites Configuration Guide

Need some assistance setting up your prerequisites? Published August 2021 Version 0.1

Table of Contents

1. Microsoft SharePoint Requirements

1.1 Site Collections

1.2 Tenant Administrator

1.3 Site Collection Admin Access

2. Microsoft Azure Resources

2.1 Azure Architecture

2.2 Azure SQL Server

2.3.1 Firewall and Network Settings

2.3.2 SQL Elastic Pools

2.4 Azure SQL Databases

2.5 Azure Blob Storage Account

2.6 Azure CDN

3. edison365 Application IP Addresses

1. Microsoft SharePoint Requirements

Please find in this section all the Microsoft SharePoint requirements.

1.1      Site Collections

edison365ideas and Open Innovation

Only one Modern Teams (recommended) or Publishing Site Collection is required for both applications.


edison365businesscase and edison365projects

Only one Modern Teams Site Collection is required for both applications.


Please ensure that when creating the Site Collections that the following settings are applied (reference image below):

  • Select a Language = English (Required*)
  • Privacy Settings = Private (Preferred)

* This will not impact the end user experience, the application will inherit your browsers language setting

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1.2      Tenant Administrator

A tenant administrator will need to be present at the beginning of the deployment to upload and approve the edison365 application files within the clientโ€™s Tenant App Catalog and Site Collections.

If adding applications within a Tenant App Catalog has any internal business requirement processesโ€™ that need to be adhered to, and thus would take longer than a few minutes at the beginning of the installation call to add and approve. Please let support@edison365.com know in advance of the deployment date and we can send the application files to you prior to deployment to ensure they have been added and approved to each respective site collection to avoid installation delays.

A tenant administrator will also need to ensure that custom app authentication is enabled on the SharePoint Online tenant, to enable it run the following SharePoint PowerShell command:

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1.3      Site Collection Admin Access

Please ensure that at least one user on the installation/deployment session has Site Collection administrator access credentials for each of the curated site collections to hand for the deployment.

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2. Microsoft Azure Resources

2.1      Azure Architecture

This is completely within the clientโ€™s control and can be configured as desired to conform with any business requirements, however please find our recommendation below:

Create or use an existing Microsoft Azure Subscription

Create one independent edison365 Resource Group

Within this independent edison365 Resource Group, host all required Azure resources (databases, storage accounts, CDN etc) for all edison365 applications on one Azure SQL Server.

Please ensure that all Azure resources created for edison365 applications use and conform to any business naming requirements.

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2.2      Azure Requirements


1x Azure SQL Database

edison365 Open Innovation

1x Azure SQL Database

1x Azure Blob Storage Account (for multimedia content)

1x Azure CDN (Optional, intended for heavy load and global user base implementations)


1x Azure SQL Database


1x Azure SQL Database

Please note if you have purchased both edison365businesscase and edison365projects only 1x Azure SQL Database will be required for both applications.

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2.3      Azure SQL Server

We recommend hosting all edison365 resources within one Azure SQL Server.

2.3.1     Firewall and Network Settings

Minimum TLS Version = 1.2

Connection Policy = Default

Allow Azure services and resources to access this server = Yes (Optional*)

* If this option cannot be enabled for any reason, please whitelist all applicable edison365 service IP addresses which can be found here

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2.3.2     SQL Elastic Pools (Optional)

Please feel free to use SQL elastic pools to host all edison365 databases.

This feature is useful for futureproofing the applications storage. Elastic pools enable the developer to purchase resources for a pool shared by multiple databases to accommodate unpredictable periods of usage by individual databases.

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2.4      Azure SQL Databases

For each Azure SQL Database required, we recommend configuring these databases (if no elastic pool is used) to be Standard S1 Tier databases.

Please find a screenshot of this configuration within the Azure Portal below:

Select โ€˜Looking for basic, standard, premium?โ€™

Adjust the sliders to desired sizing:

Edison365 Recommended Azure SQL Configuration:

DTUโ€™s = 20(S1)

Data Max Size = 250GB


Please also ensure that under Additional Settings the Data Source is set to None. (shown below):

Please find supporting Microsoft Documentation for creating a Azure SQL Database here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-sql/database/single-database-create-quickstart?tabs=azure-portal


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2.5      Azure Blob Storage Account

Notable settings are below:

  • Performance โ€“ Standard is OK
  • Account kind โ€“ StorageV2
  • Access Tier โ€“ Hot
  • Connectivity method โ€“ Public endpoint (all networks)
  • Security โ€“ Enabled
  • Data protection โ€“ Disabled
  • Data Lake Storage Gen2 โ€“ Disabled

Once created, access the Access keys and copy the connection string โ€“ this is required in the Open Innovation set up from in edison365ideas โ€“ it is the โ€œStorage Connection Stringโ€ setting.

Please also copy the โ€œPrimary Blob Service Endpointโ€ URL from the Azure Storage properties as this is required for the โ€œPublic Access File Pathโ€ setting.

Please find supporting Microsoft Documentation for creating a storage account here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/azure/storage/common/storage-quickstart-create-account?toc=%2Fazure%2Fstorage%2Fblobs%2Ftoc.json&tabs=azure-portal


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2.6      Azure CDN (Optional)

Set up the CDN on the edison365-{portal ID value}-public blob as seen below:

  • Create a new CDN in the Azure Portal
  • Complete the CDN profile form โ€“ either โ€œStandard Verizonโ€ or โ€œStandard Akamaiโ€ and click  Create
  • Do not check the โ€œCreate a new CDN endpoint nowโ€ option
  • Once created, access the new CDN and click the โ€œ+ Endpointโ€ option
  • Complete the endpoint form then click Add:
  • Name โ€“ provide a name
  • Origin Type โ€“ Storage
  • Origin Hostname โ€“ select the previously created blob storage
  • Origin path - /edison365-{portal ID value}-public
  • Protocol โ€“ HTTPS and 443 only
  • Optimised for โ€“ Dynamic site acceleration
  • Probe path - /edison365.txt
  • Access the endpoint and copy the โ€œEndpoint hostnameโ€ โ€“this is required to update the Open Innovation set up from in edison365ideas โ€“it is the โ€œPublic Access File Pathโ€ setting
  • Access edison365ideas > Admin > Open Innovation > Database and Storage
  • Click Edit and replace the current โ€œPublic Access File Pathโ€ value with the CDN Endpoint hostname and click Save โ€“it is case sensitive
  • Click Validate File Path โ€“try this periodically until it states success

For Microsoft documentation see:

  • Set up just the CDN profile:


  • Set up the endpoint using DSA:



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3      Edison365 Applications IP Addresses

Please find our IP addresses here: https://support.edison365.com/edison365-static-ips


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