edison365projects DataStore Technical Product Description

Overview, Product Features, Architecture Diagram, Prerequisites and a List of Captured Data

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Product Features

3. Architecture - Event Receiver Service

4. Architecture - Datastore

5. Pre-requisite Requirements

5. Data Captured - Project

6. Data Captured - SharePoint


edison365projects DataStore is a SaaS solution hosted in Microsoft’s Azure. The application is built and fully maintained by the edison365 team with updates regularly being rolled out that include new features / service improvements.

DataStore enables your organisation to have a SQL Reporting database that contains your key Project Online data including Project Site data. Having the data in a SQL database gives
great flexibility for enhanced reporting and system integrations.

Data gets updated in the SQL database in near real time but is a queue based system so it is not instant.


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Product Features at a Glance

  • SaaS based product in hosted in Azure
  • Queue based sync system
  • Driven from Project Online PWA events
  • Key Project Online data
  • SharePoint List data from Project Sites
  • Snapshot / history tables
  • Bulk / on demand Sync
  • Scheduled Sync
  • Email alerts
  • SQL database maintenance
  • Sync History via the UI
  • Configured via an intuitive UI
  • 1 Database per PWA instance

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Architecture - Event Receiver Service

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Architecture - DataStore

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Prerequisite Requirements

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Data Captured - Project

Setting Source (PWA) PWA Reporting Event Entities (created, deleted, updated)
_api/ProjectData/Assignments Project
Assignment Timephased Data _api/ProjectData/TaskTimephasedDataSet Project
Assignment Baselines _api/ProjectData/AssignmentBaselines Project
Assignment Baseline Timephased Data _api/ProjectData/AssignmentBaselineTimephasedDataSet Project
Engagements _api/ProjectData/Engagements Project
Engagements Comments _api/ProjectData/EngagementsComments Project
Timephased Data
_api/ProjectData/EngagementsTimephasedDataSet Project
Projects _api/ProjectData/Projects Project
Project Baselines _api/ProjectData/ProjectBaselines Project

Project Multiline HTML Values (Global Setting)

_api/ProjectServer/Projects Project
Resource Demand Timephased Data _api/ProjectData/ResourceDemandTimephasedDataSet Project
Tasks _api/ProjectData/Tasks Project
Task Baselines _api/ProjectData/TaskBaselines Project
Task Baseline Timephased Data _api/ProjectData/TaskBaselineTimephasedDataSet Project
Task Notes _api/ProjectServer/Projects Project
Task Timephased Data _api/ProjectData/TaskTimephasedDataSet Project
Resources _api/ProjectData/Resources Resource
Resource Timephased Data _api/ProjectData/ResourceTimephasedDataSet Resource
Timesheets _api/ProjectData/Timesheets Timesheet
Timesheet Lines _api/ProjectData/TimesheetLines Timesheet
Timesheet Line Actual Data _api/ProjectData/TimesheetLineActualDataSet Timesheet
Timesheet Periods _api/ProjectData/TimesheetPeriods Timesheet Periods
Time Set Data (Fiscal Periods) _api/ProjectData/TimeSet Fiscal Periods
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Data Captured - SharePoint

SharePoint lists can be synchronised to the DataStore database. Lists from the root PWA site collection and from Project Sites for Projects in PWA or other site collections on the tenant. The following SharePoint events are used:

Events Use
ItemAdded, ItemUpdated, ItemDeleted Used to sync the list item data
ListAdded, ListDeleted Used when a list is added or deleted
WebProvisioned, WebDeleted Used when a sub site is added or deleted

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